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Текст песни (слова) Lights - Intro. (Maybe we're losing) (Lost in the thick of) (Alive at the heart of) Pieces as they fall (Burned in the heat of) Moving through it all (Maybe. I had a heart then but the queen has been overthrown. Тогда мне хватало мужества, но королева была свергнута. Bruno Mars Текст песни Lights: Eyy-eh-eh-ehh / You said that I was so not afraid Original lyrics: Hurts — Lights. Do you know what it feels like to dance alone? Do you know what it feels like? Do you know what it looks like from the outside? Do you know what it looks like? Won’t you get up, shake in the darkness Won’t And I'm not trying to come off too strong But you know that I can't help it Cause girl you're beautiful I can't deny I want your body But I'm a gentleman Текст песни. In hopes in that I could share this place with you You’ll be the first one to find The shadows Текст песни Fucking lights, straining my eyes. No sleep at night. It's just a waste of time. And LA's burning. NY's painted black . London's calling, calling 09/07/2017 · Перевод песни Hurts - Lights на русский язык Песня Lights на русском Lights перевод на русский - Огни. Won't you get up and we can just start this night. Поднимись - и мы сможем начать этот вечер. Cause when you get up, I couldn't Текст и перевод песни: The Prodigy - Light Up The Sky. Мы хорошо знаем как иногда хочется слушая любимую песню подвевать, ну иногда нам очень.