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Sorry for being late, I was busy earlier. Anyway this thread is to compile all questions answered on Twitter and Facebook in the monthly QampA in one place, for easier viewing. Also because Facebook is horrible at sorting QampA threads. I'll try to keep this post as updated as possible October's QampA ( November's QampA ( So this is some rough and ready math using Play store reviews as a proxy for calculating total mobile downloads. ampnbsp; Slither Play store (Accessed From Mobile); total downloads = 100,000,000+ total reviews = 5,581,298 ampnbsp; % Review rate per downloads = 558129/100000000 100 = 5.58129 % ampnbsp; Sample Reviews From 13 jan to 2 feb 2019. 21 days. Day Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat :-: :-: :-: :-: :-: :-: :-: :-: Date 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 # Reviews This is a bizarre pairing, I know, but I thought it would be interesting. The Pilot and Titan are a Destiny/D2 strike boss, so his boss room would be meant to accommodate not only their type of fighting style, but also be designed to unrealistically balance it with the Guardians, as it would in-game. The Pilot and Titan also have marine their marine and android allies like they do in multiplayer. These would act as the ads and cannon fodder that Guardians have to worry about during a Strike. In another thread a commenter posted how amazing it is for us GCP'ers who have gone through all 177 episodes + Cannon Fodder, to hear people whose entry point is Android amp Aliens, not know about the Glass Cannon Podcast (Giantslayer campaign). The poster shared in particular how funny it is that AampA people don't even know who Tom Exposition is, which is totally bizarre to any of us originals! But wonderful to see GCP Nation grow. So thought it would be a fun post to actually Here's a short story I wrote around the TitanFall 2 universe. if you have no idea what Titanfall is or you've never played it, here's a brief rundown: it's the future, humans can travel at light-speed, and now there's intergalactic war. It's between the IMC, ruthless corporation trying to exploit the planets on the quote-unquote frontier, the edge of space colonized by humans, and the militia, a group of pirates and outlaws trying to stop the IMC from exploiting the frontier so they can continue. Super Saiyan Goku (Freiza Saga) ( HP: 20th/25th Strike Attack: 11th/25th Blast Attack: 3rd/25th Strike Defense: 25th/25th Blast Defense: 22nd/25th Critical: 9th/25th Ki Restore Speed: 22/25th Type: RED Cards Held: Strike amp Strike Main Ability: "My Turn" Draw the Ultimate Arts Card "Super Dragon Fist" next. Requirements: 25 timer counts must elapse. Special Move: "Super Kamehameha" Deals major Impact. It’s been a while since the ‘Fod was weekly, and I’m really feeling it. There’s SO much that needs talking about. Androids and Aliens desperately needs a discussion. No spoilers, but I want to hear reactions and reasons! Giantslayer has so much character backstory depth to break down in more detail, as well as recapping the tactical complexity of higher level combat. PF2 Playtest is in full swing and I have no idea how the guys feel about it, likes and dislikes, etc. Strange Aeons Class. As you guys have already known, mods have created new rules regarding posting videos of GHB/BHB as new posts. To their credit, they did say all videos are welcome to be posted in the megathread. I believe the rules are dumb and can be detrimental to the sub. My main issues with the new rules are F2P NO SI Runs are the only ones to be considered to be Guides/Resource There are two folds of problems from this. 1. If the guide itself, uses F2P units or near F2P units (like Olivia I removed my previous post as I was unable to edit the title These are the teams I used: Tips and trick as mentioned Master roshi: for him not much tips I supposed except to use the ginyu Force for him because you will be needing your extreme/super teq for buu Android 19: for me I used super PHY because most of their SA are non beam attacks so she cannot absorb them. SV is the key here along with future gohan if you have him and a thing As though I didn't have work to do today, I wrote up a little python script ( to calculate the total hours of high-quality actual-play content the GCP has generously bestowed upon us. ("Neeeeerd!!") Behold the results: The Glass Cannon Podcast: Total Minutes: 21949.600000 - Total Hours: 365.816667 Cannon Fodder: Total Minutes: 6186.266667 - Total Hours: 103.100000 Androids amp Aliens: Total Minutes: 1216.133333 - Total Hours: 20.266667 Across. Alright bro, what happened. What did I miss. No more roll ricka roll for initiative. Was it in a cannon fodder. I don’t listen to them which I already know I should but it’s kinda boring, And now I’m completely caught up with androids and aliens and giant slayer. One day I just stopped hearing it. Also, seriously. Where is Sir Will like none of the characters have even mentioned his name in so long. And he like left, right? to go see his parents or something. It’s been so long I can’t. IVE GIFT WRAPPED MY POSTS SINCE MY CREATION OF A REDDIT ACCOUNT IN DEC 20th 2017 . AS THEY ALLLL TIE TOGETHER AND PAINT THE CLEAREST PICTURE amp TELL THE CLEAREST STORY YOU EVER COULD IMAGINE . THIS IS FOR YOU PATRIQTS LOOK, LISTEN AND WATCH EVERY DETAIL BEING PRESENTED . ITS OF GREAT IMPORTANCE . THEN COMPARE IT ALL TO WHERE Q amp THE TEAM HAS BEEN TRYING TO TAKE YOU. The Illuminati. BUCKLE UP : Over the years from Points of Power First, Kara. For multiple reasons, since Kara is the android from the tech demo, she is one of the original deviants (if not the original) and thus could be seen as RA9. Another reason is Kara’s strange placement in the story. Kara always felt out of place in the story, just like cannon fodder, but the possible reason for her inclusion is her being RA9. Although I personally find this unlikely. Second, Markus, which is the obvious choice. He has a major Jesus parallel, as he “rose Hello and welcome to Post Pull Depression, the only thread that promises to use different jobs in FFT but winds up using the same ones every playthrough. This week we have a Final Fantasy Tactics banner! Fair warning FFT is one of my favorite games of all time so there will be a lot of gushing and a lot of spoilers ! So if you haven’t played FFT, stop whatever you are doing right now and go play it! Btw, I have undeniable proof that goomie reads PPD, last week I complained about 6 units. I have always had an iPhone and, for the sake of simplicity, I had always used the Apple podcast app. I got a Galaxy S9 yesterday and I'm trying to decide which podcast app to use now. I downloaded Stitcher, but I couldn't find the Cannon Fodder feed. I'm a complete rookie in the Samsung/Android universe. What is the preferred podcast app of android users. Let’s rewind to when I was a young child living in the middle of the woods with my mom and my stepdad when I was 7 years old, the year being late 2006. One of my best friends and my cousin had both fallen very deep into the DBZ hype, even though the train had left the station at this point in time. It’s because of them that I found myself not just watching, but actually caring about DBZ. I had known about it for years, but it was only now that I really got into and understood it. But, somethin. So in honor of Sam Alexander joining the game I figured it would be time to post my fleshed out dream update for this game, it includes Annihilus as the Epic Quest Reward, Richard Rider as the Premium T2 Reward (think Jean), 4 "story" characters in Sam Alexander/Kaldera/Monark StarStalker/Darkhawk, and 2 special missions including Phyla-Vell and Moondragon with a Wendell Vaughn shifter. I also included a rework for Gamora and new DnA era Guardians costumes for Star-Lord and Gamora. Happy Monday GCPNation, I hope everyone has recovered from last weeks explosion of content! Needless to say, every week won't have 7 episodes from 4 shows flying at our ears like the proverbial horsemen. We, the mod team, wanted to share with you all how the sub will be handling episode threads going forward. The most recent episode discussion threads for The Glass Cannon Podcast, and Androids amp Aliens will now always be stickied \(in the first and second spots respectively\), start. Blue + kaioken x20 not enough to match the guy, so we are in for some serious power clash Some people speculate that Goku is not going to use Blue when going x20 which doesnt make sense, being that any other form + kaioken is weaker than the Blue., which leaves us with the fact that Jiren is more than 20 times stronger than SSB which is kind of ridiculous strength. What worries me is the power gap that will appear between Goku's new form/Jiren (if we presume that Goku will eventually We live in dark, uncertain times. We have to get up every day and go to work or study while knowing that Earth pollution worsens every year, that moral crusaders lurk in Tumblr ready to take our black humor jokes away from us, and that Sakuraba's oncoming match against Renzo in ONE might be under MMA rules. The darkness of these awful truths threaten to cloud our hearts with the temptation to kill our family and commit suicide to escape the clutches of this callous universe Hello Starfinders! I noticed a lack of 'regular' npcs for players to fight. In pathfinder it's common to just throw human fighters, elven rangers, tiefling sorcerers, etc. at your players to bulk an encounter. Or even just have orcs. so many orcs . Humanoids are everywhere after all! But in Starfinder NPCs are made differently - we can't just make them like players! Well we could. but they're "different". So I made a bunch of level 1 npcs to use, along with some cannon fodder. The telltale ring of a Den Den Mushi caused Flamenco to jump. Startled, he moved over and clasped the receiver, knowing who was addressing him. He composed himself, and lifted it to his face. The battle was going on outside, he knew it.But he was so close to finishing this. It was of utmost priority. It could be completed within the hour. “Hello?” “Good evening, Flamenco,” spoke an intimidating, growling voice from the other end. Flamenco cleared his throat. “I don’t